in the direction of new

possibilities requires creating new thought habits and new dialogues with yourself and others that reflect intention, commitment, and accountability for what you want to unfold in your life.


Transformative Experiences

Whether you're looking for extraordinary outcomes in your business, career, relationships or you're looking for major shifts in your personal impact and effectiveness, we create personalized growth experiences through learning and doing so that you have the tools and the confidence you need to create more of what you want in life on demand. 

Transformational Coaching

Coaching is about making the impossible, possible. People curious about coaching are usually those who have specific areas in life they want to feel fulfilled in, or they have particular goals that they want to achieve. These areas include goals specific to their career,  financial health,  relationships, and overall physical and mental well-being. Yet, they cannot seem to find a way to get there, which often creates the feeling of being stuck.

This feeling of "stuckness" generally happens because, as humans, we are naturally drawn to predictability. Our brains are hard-wired to move toward things that are familiar and keep us safe. Most people expend effort and energy working to solve problems and create different outcomes in their lives by applying the same thinking and "doing" habits that will only get them more of the same.

People don't become stuck because they are incapable of achieving more. People experience the feeling of being blocked because they see the world as they have always seen it, and they are using the tools that they have always used simply because, at some point in time, it worked.

Achieving extraordinary outcomes in life, however, require a shift in predictable thinking. It requires thinking outside the box of limiting beliefs and more of the same and adopting a new mindset that sees only limitless possibilities.

This is the core of what we do. We understand that "You take You wherever You go," which is why our coaching approach looks at the person as a whole,  made up of different experiences, and beliefs that direct actions and create outcomes in every aspect of their life. 


Transformational Coaching is a growth partnership designed to empower shifts in interpretations and beliefs that limit the achievement of what is possible. It’s about empowering the person being coached to practice new ways of thinking, being and doing that align with where it is she or he wants to be.


Because everyone has unique needs, perspectives and goals that they want to achieve, we have designed coaching experiences to meet people where they are on their individual journeys. See which coaching experience is the right fit, right now, for you.  

One-on-One Transformational Life Coaching

Your life is your journey and you are the director of its course. The role of the coach, therefore, is to support you through your journey of self-discovery to create the life you truly want, by helping you to tap into the insights that you innately have. 

Because you take you wherever you go, our approach to coaching is holistic- keeping in perspective that your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes show up in every aspect of your life. Our focus is working with you to identify what it is you want more of in your life and then working with you to discover any operating core beliefs and thinking habits that are directing your actions or inactions and replacing those habits with self-empowering ones.   


We achieve this by walking you through a process of self-discovery, creating a vision for your future, moving into inspired action and self-assessing your personal impact.   







Transformational Group Coaching

Group Coaching combines the power of the 1:1 coaching conversation with the dynamic energy of collective wisdom and group support to supercharge your ability to create a life of purpose and fulfillment. 

You might think of your coaching group as your personal community; a tribe of individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds, but one that shares a common goal of being, doing and having what is in alignment with the best versions of themselves.


This small collective of 5 to 8 individuals meets virtually monthly to create elevated energy, commitment, excitement, and mutual accountability around focused topics in order to support achieving their dreams and goals. Your tribe of trusted advisors will challenge you, stretch you, support you, and encourage you on your journey to greatness.  

Be Your Own Coach (B.Y.O.C)

Coaching isn't meant to be a forever partnership, at least that isn't the goal at the Mastery Group. Our approach to coaching is about self-discovery and uncovering the unique talents, gifts and insights that are already there so that you can experience sustainable growth, on-demand. It's about giving you the tools and walking along-side while you experiment and explore making radical shifts in your ways of thinking, being and doing.


Be Your Own Coach is an 8-week, self-paced online coaching experience designed to give you the tools and practice you need to make positive and sustainable changes in your life so that achieving your goals becomes more effortless and by your own design.


This program is designed for people who may have some foundational skills in habit change or who simply like the idea of going through the process of self-discovery at their own pace without the on-going support and commitment of a personal coach or an accountability tribe. 



The Leader As Coach

One of the common challenges that leaders face is helping those they lead to see the blind spots and points of resistance that keep them from intentionally moving forward. The common way of telling people what is wrong and they need to do better is an inefficient way of creating any lasting change. Yet, many organizations still operate under the "carrot and stick" approach, using rewards and threats to promote change, resulting in temporary outcomes and often a disengaged workforce. 

A powerful way for a leader to facilitate lasting change and improved performance is to help people to think differently about themselves and others through a coaching approach. Through the art of listening, reflecting on what you hear and sense, and then asking powerful questions that create intentional thought, leaders have been able to move beyond short-term, surface-level solutions toward true change that happens when a person sees himself and the world around him through a lens of possibilities. 

This program offered as a six or twelve-month engagement gives leaders the tools they need to create step shifts in beliefs, attitudes, actions, and reactions to engender broader shifts within the organization for long-term growth and success.

Contact us today to learn how we can empower your leaders to empower others through coaching. 


Making a meaningful change in your life takes time, commitment and support. Whether you want a more rewarding relationship, better health, an exciting career, more success in business, greater satisfaction or meaning and balance in life – coaching can provide you with the structure and motivation to achieve results.

Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.

Jim Rohn

Maybe you feel coaching isn't right for you,

at least not right now

That doesn’t mean you can’t begin taking growth action to move you closer than before toward achieving your goals.


The biggest, most valuable investment you can ever make in life is investing in your own personal development. That's because, in order to achieve level 10 success in any area of our lives, we have to equally invest level 10 effort in developing ourselves personally.

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