Our coaching process supports you in recognizing and revising the habitual thinking, ways of being, and acting that are in the way of generating sustainable new behaviors and actions. Transformational Coaching is not for everyone. It requires a willingness to look at who you truly are underneath all that you were taught and believed you needed to be. It's about embracing all of the qualities that make you uniquely who you are and being ready to challenge the beliefs, thoughts, and habits that are no longer helping you to get to where you want to be. Transformational coaching may be right for you if you, 

  • are ready and committed to challenging thought habits and deeply held beliefs that get in the way of you being able to be whom you feel at your core, you ought to be. 

  • feel like you want more out of life, but not sure of what to do, or how to go about achieving it

  • feel like you have so many interests and talents, but you aren't clear on what you should be doing with them all to fulfill your true purpose in life

  • want to have more meaningful and secure connections with yourself and others, but tend to find yourself experiencing patterns of unhealthy or unfilling relationships 

  • want to create more abundance in wealth, health and love by understanding and rewriting the core beliefs and actions that get in the way

  • are ready to honor yourself and make a commitment to becoming who you were born to be    

  • want to take your journey alongside someone who listens without judgment, who will stretch you, and who believes in your ability to create the life you are meant to live    

The discovery call is designed to inform whether a coaching partnership is the right fit for your particular needs.

Coaching and therapy are distinct forms of support although oftentimes the challenges that people seeking both may seem similar. For instance, feelings of low self-esteem, perfectionism, interpersonal difficulties, feeling like a fraud, procrastination, and fear of failure to name a few, are all difficulties experienced by those who seek therapy and coaching. No one is immune to such difficulties; however, coaching is focused on working through such feelings to achieve future-oriented breakthrough goals, while therapy is more focused on the distress itself and healing the past by examining repeated patterns of behavior. Coaching is goal-oriented; however, there can be similar tools and techniques used in therapy that can also be used in coaching to help examine limiting beliefs and potential blocks to self-actualization. 



What makes the Mastery Group different from other coaching programs?  

A decision to invest in your personal growth through coaching is one of the most important and rewarding decisions that you can make. Through coaching you will be experiencing parts of yourself that you may not be as familiar with, sharing your innermost desires and often times your deepest fears for the purpose of creating an expanded version of yourself. At the Mastery Group, we use a holistic approach based on psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness practice to help our clients develop the tools they need to achieve any goal in any area of their life. This approach allows our clients to apply the tools and practices of personal mastery from context to context, a goal to a goal. We will challenge you, stretch you, and encourage you with compassionate intent because we believe in your ability to create your reality. If you are looking to transform limiting ways of thinking, being, and doing, then we are for you.  

What coaching programs do you offer and what is the cost? 

Because everyone has unique needs, experiences, and goals that they want to achieve, we have designed coaching experiences to meet people where they are on their individual journeys. We offer coaching experiences for individuals, groups, business leaders, and those interested in doing it on their own through self-paced online learning. Each experience is priced according to the programs offered. See which coaching experience is the right fit for you.  

You can absolutely set up an additional 5 to 15-minute chat with your coach in between coaching sessions at no additional cost to you. Simply schedule time through our coaching portal. Each coach will have their availability updated daily for your scheduling convenience. 

Can I add additional sessions at the end of the two-session coaching program if I feel there are additional goals that I want to work towards?  

Absolutely! At the end of the two-session coaching engagement, you and your coach will review your progress and any newly created goals that you may have. You can then decide if you want to add on an additional two-session package or opt into either of the extended packages at a discounted rate.