Moving beyond Impossibilities, that'sMastery.


Who We Are

The Mastery Group is a transformational coaching and personal development company with a purpose to cultivate visionary mindsets for people and businesses wanting to do extraordinary things. 


Simply put, we help people Think, Feel and Do  


What We Believe

Success no matter how it is defined is the result of being in full alignment with your passion, your purpose, and your ability to master a visionary mindset that makes the seemingly impossible, an extraordinary reality.  


We believe that what you tell yourself about yourself and others shapes your experiences and creates your outcomes in life. Beliefs and assumptions color individual and group perspectives and often get in the way of being able to see challenges as unrealized opportunities for growth.

When you begin to cultivate mindful awareness about the beliefs that drive your thinking, feelings, and doing, you begin to gain mastery over the direction of your life leading you to achieve the extraordinary.


What We Do

We create experiential development and transformative coaching experiences for individuals, groups, and business leaders looking to close the gap of impossibility to get to where they want to be. Whether it's through our coaching partnerships, group learning experiences, interactive workshops, or self-study learning and development programs, our approach to transformative results integrate mindfulness practice with four core principles of success, The Keys to Mastery, that are foundational to all that we do.




Whether it's through our coaching partnerships, group learning experiences, interactive workshops, or self-study learning and development programs, our approach to transformative results integrate mindfulness practice with four core principles of success, The Keys to Mastery, that are foundational to all that we do.

Transformational Coaching is a growth partnership designed to empower shifts in interpretations and beliefs that limit the achievement of what is possible. It’s about empowering the person being coached to practice new ways of thinking, being and doing that align with where it is she or he wants to be.

The Keys to 


    Discovery          Vision           Alignment       Action  

The Keys to Mastery are our four core principles that guide our approach to helping our clients access innate talents and creative insights with minimum efforts and maximum reward through achieving personal mastery.  


Our founder

Dr. Kanisha Parrish is an organizational psychologist, transformational coach, corporate coaching consultant, and founder of the Mastery Group. She began her career in behavioral healthcare, working therapeutically with individuals who were experiencing mental health challenges and addiction; this passion for helping others to develop a sense of personal agency continues throughout her work today. 


For over 15 years, she has worked with both for-profit and non-profit organizations to identify solutions to problems that improve the well-being and performance of organizations by identifying whole-person solutions that promote a culture of psychological safety, diversity, and inclusivity.


As a transformational coach, Dr. K. is a trusted, thought partner helping people, holistically, develop their capabilities in areas of their lives that are important to them with a focus on the beliefs, behaviors, and emotions that help or hinder this development.


Using a whole-person approach, she infuses her understanding of people and the human experience, with her own personal journey to help create shifts for people looking to move from where they are to where they want to be. 

Dr. Kanisha Parrish has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and African American Studies from Temple University, a Master of Science degree in the Administration of Human Services from Chestnut Hill College, and a doctorate in Business Psychology and Consulting from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She also sits on the Board of Directors for Affordable Housing Centers of Pennsylvania (AHCOPA).

She is also a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and a certified Success Principles Trainer for the Canfield Group. Dr. K is also trained to administer several widely used multi-rater 360-feedback tools and personality assessments.


When not helping others to redefine and transform their lives, she looks forward to spending quality time with her daughter, listening to music and snuggling up to read her favorite books.





 "I believe true success happens moment by moment, every time you challenge an old way of thinking, being, and doing that keeps you from moving into the highest level of yourself. Every day I have the privilege to be a part of a person's unique journey through change and with each experience, I get to witness the power of courage and human potential inspiring real change, to achieve real results in real-time. To be able to see this process of transformation take form for the people I work with is mutually empowering."    

-Dr. K.

Making a meaningful change in your life takes time, commitment and support. Whether you want more rewarding relationships, better physical and mental well-being, an exciting career, more success in business, or greater satisfaction and meaning in life, the path to achieving any of these is through the right mindset to get you to the right action. Our customized development experiences can help you get to where you want to be.  

Looking to Partner? 

Success never happens in silos, that's why we love to partner with organizations, business leaders and other exceptional coaches to create personalized growth and learning experiences and other life-changing events for the unique interests and needs of the people we are on a mission to serve. If your business is on a similar mission to help people be, do, and have better, and you are looking for transformational results that make a lasting impact, let's connect and see how together we can do more good!

We are continuously creating life-changing personal development programs, and relevant content to keep you growing and achieving. To be notified of upcoming programs, workbooks, and free tools, designed to help you move three steps closer toward achieving your extraordinary results, sign up below for instant access.

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